Contract Filling of Aerosols

Aerotrim N.V., located in Overpelt, Belgium, is specialised in the contract filling of aerosols.  We were established in 1965 and can therefore boast almost 40 years of experience.

Aerotrim N.V. doesn’t fill aerosols under its own brand.  This enables us to be completely neutral.  We have five production lines with a total capacity of approximately 80,000 cans per day.  We are able to offer a wide range of cosmetics, household, technical and automotive products.

In our extremely modern laboratory new products are constantly being developed and existing products are being improved.  Not only for our own research, but also upon request of our customers.

We can offer extremely competitive prices due to the large investments that we’ve made over the last few years - new underground tank park, new warehouses, completely automated production line - in combination with a realistic purchasing policy.



40 years of experience

Our many years’ experience and our strict quality control may make us your ideal partner for your current and future projects.

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